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Rennet Free Cheese Suppliers in NYC

13 May

Through our research into rennet free pizza in NYC, we’ve come across a few suppliers that are making rennet free cheese here locally in NYC. We wanted to highlight these suppliers to help encourage other sources of cheese enzymes than animal based!

Lioni Latticini Cheese:

The Salzarulo family began its tradition in the Latticini business in the town of Lioni, Italy many decades ago. In 1980, the family brought its fine art of cheese-making to Brooklyn, New York where it created a name for itself making fresh, whole milk mozzarella cheese. Within the past three decades, the Salzarulos have transformed their small neighboorhood, family business into a nationally renowned manufacturer and distributor of fresh mozzarella in the United States.

Di Palo Selects:
From their kitchen in Little Italy,

Lou Di Palo and Di Palo Selects are passionate about offering you the best products Italy has to offer and we’re uncompromising about our commitment to quality and tradition.

Joseph Campagna and Sons Mozzarella:

Established in 1975, Joseph Campagna and Sons has made a name for itself as a major source of quality food products for the finest pizzerias and restaurants in the New York metro area. Our Margarita, Vanessa, and Bianca food products are of the highest quality, which allows for our customers to stay in the forefront of the competition.

Hats off to these companies for making high quality cheese in the Italian tradition, but without animal rennet!